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 Traditional cuisine

Traditional cuisine is interesting and many-sided. It has much in common with the cuisines of the other Balkan countries and Turkey: hot spices, abundance of vegetables, juicy taste. Traditionally Bulgarians prefer to cook food in the open hearth - skara. Such dishes like "kebab" (meat on the spit), "kebabche" (fried meat sausages), "Shopsky salad" (tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet pepper, onions filled with the grated brynza, vegetable oil, vinegar, seasoning), "gyuvech" - stewed meat with  potato and vegetables, "kavarma" (dish of meat with mushrooms, onion and potato), "kashkaval pane" (coated soft home cheese), "drob-sarma" (stuffed cabbage with the mutton epiploon), "Chushka byurek" (the  fried sweet pepper in eggs, stuffed with brynza and tomatoes) are very popular. To have a snack you should taste banitsa - pies of flaky paste with brynza. Banitsa is usually eaten with the well-known Bulgarian sour milk. Cold Bulgarian soup "tarator" (small cut cucumbers, fennel, garlic and walnut are filled in with the dissolved Bulgarian sour milk) is very unusual.
Holidays in Bulgaria: 
01 January  - New year, 03 March - National day of Liberation, Easter (usually a week later than in the Western Europe), 01 May - Labour Holiday, 24 May - Day of slavic culture and written language, 06 September - Consolidation of the Bulgarian state, 22 September - Independence Day, 25 December - Christmas.
It is forbidden in Bulgaria:
To import into Bulgaria for rest the erotic and pornographic printed or video-products, weapon, drugs, and preparations containing them!
 Attention! All payments during rest in Bulgaria should be better made in levs. When exchanging in Bulgaria please use the exchange offices - EXCHANGE MONEY. Do not exchange money with the private persons.
Banks in Bulgaria:
Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 15:00. Credit cards: American Express, Visa, Master Card are accepted, but not in all resorts. We recommend to store money and values in safes in order to avoid any troubles. All hotels in Bulgaria have safes, safe fee makes approximately $1,5-2 per day.
Purchases in Bulgaria:
Making purchases during your stay in Bulgaria, you can bargain with the seller (reducing the price), mainly in the markets.

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