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 Traditional cuisine
Now in Croatia the slightly forgotten primordial culinary traditions are actively revived, numerous festivals for culinary art with the ancient receipts are organized, activity of the regional experts in the local cuisines is encouraged in every possible way. Owners of the real restaurants to distinguish their restaurants from the other restaurants of fast food proudly call their restaurants as «restaurant sporogriz», and the words «konoba» or «klet» mean the nackbar or the wine cell. As a rule, there they serve plain and high-calorie food, including fish, cooked on the grating. The ctaegory of gostion or gostionitsa are widespread in Croatia - these are a kind of the small restaurant where they serve the dishes typical for the country, in particular meat and fish fried on grill. 

Fragrant coffee "Espresso", the most delicious cakes and ice-cream of any fruits and berries can be tasted in slashcharna - ice-cream bar.

Bus service in Croatia is excellent. Rapid buses-express circulate everywhere, often several times a day. The fare in the bus is 2 euros per hour of the trip (40 km). For luggage and insurance ayou will have to pay separately. The public transport in Zagreb includes trams though they are not needed in the center because of the compactness of this part of the city. Tickets for the tram cost about 0,65 euros, you can buy them in the booths selling the newspapers. One ticket is enough for the 90-minutes trip by tram, but only in one direction. For 1,75 euros you can acquire the day travel card for all types of transportation valid till 4 o'clock of the next morning. Taxi are equipped with the counters. Landing cost is 1,25, each kilometer of the trip costs 0,65 euros. On Sunday and during the night time from 22.00 the cost increases by 20 %. An hour of waiting costs 4, luggage - 0,2 euros.

Holidays and festivals of Croatia:
 • February: Carnivals in Rijeka, Samobora and other cities.
 • June/July: the International kids' festival in Shibenik. Cinema, puppet theater, scenic representations, games and competitions. The Zagreb festivals of national and classical music, dance, theater, jazz and pop music.
 • July/August: Numerous holidays of fishermen, pirates, the sea and islands. Each seaside small town searches for an occasion to attract the compatriots and foreign visitors. National music sounds, the folklore collectives dance, and grandiose fireworks are arranged in the evening. The rich fish and meat menu and, certainly, magnificent Dalmatian wine are offered to the participants.
 • Summer festival of classical music in Osor (island Cres) - «Musicales in Osor».
 • International film festivals in the Collosseo of Pula town.
 • Musicales in church of St. Donat in Zadar (classical and church music).
 • Festival of music, theater and ballet in Split - «Split summer».
 • «Dubrovnitsky summer games» - one of the largest world musical and theatrical festivals during which the performances of the actors in many Croatian cities will be organized.
 • Musical festival in Omish (traditional choral singing).
 • August: "Sinska Alka" - traditional colourful tournament of Sinska heroes in the name of the victory over the Turks on 15 August 1715. It is held annually since 1715. Horsemen compete in accuracy of hitting with the three-meter spear in the small metal ring, «alka».
 • September/October: Festival of baroque  music in the churches and palaces of Varazhdin.
 • October: the Holiday of chestnuts "Marunada" in Povran. The diverse dishes of chestnuts are offered to the visitors.

Official holidays and the days off of Croatia:
01January - New year
March-April - Easter and Easter Monday
01May - Labour Day
May - Holiday of the dominical Body and Blood 
May - remembrance day
30 May - Day of the state formation 
22 June - Day of the antifascist struggle, Day of the Croatian national revolt
25 June - Day of statehood
05 August - Victory Day and of the gratitude to the Fatherland
15 August - Assumption of the Virgin
08 October - Independence Day
01November - All Hallows Day
25 and 26 December – Christmas

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