Exhibitions of constructions branch

 BUDMA 2011 – 20th international exhibition of constructions branch

Dates of the event: 11.01.2011 - 14.01.2011        
Venue: Poland, Poznan
Exhibition subjects: Construction
BAU 2011 - leading world exhibition of architectural solutions, construction systems and materials
Dates of the event: 17.01.2011 - 22.01.2011        
Venue: Germany, Munich
Exhibition subjects: Construction
Stroytekh 2011 – 19th International specialized exhibition of the construction equipment, road machines and construction technologies.
Dates of the event: 14.02.2011 - 17.02.2011        
Venue: Russia, Moscow
Exhibition subjects: Construction
Build + Decor 2011 - 18th international exhibition of construction and finishing materials
Dates of the event: 01.03.2011 - 04.04.2011        
Venue: China, Beijing
Exhibition subjects: design and decoration, interior, construction, glass
GLASSEXPO ISTANBUL 2011 – the international exhibition of glass, equipment, technologies, materials, chemicals for the glass industry
Dates of the event: 10.03.2011 - 13.03.2011    
Venue: Turkey, Istanbul
Exhibition subjects: glass, construction
ISH 2011 - leading international exhibition on the sanitary equipment, operation and power supply of construction objects, sanitary, climatic equipment and renewed power
Dates of the event: 15.03.2011 - 19.03.2011     
Venue: Germany, Frankfurt am Main
Exhibition subjects: building, air-conditioning, heating, ventilation
LIGNA HANNOVER 2011 - the World's largest specialized exhibition of the equipment and technologies for the wood and wood processing industry
Dates of the event: 30.05.2011 - 03.06.2011        
Venue: Germany, Hanover
Exhibition subjects: construction, wood processing and furniture
СТТ 2011 - 12th International specialized exhibition "Construction Machines and Technologies ' 2011".
Dates of the event: 31.05.2011 - 04.06.2011        
Venue: Russia, Moscow
Exhibition subjects: Construction 
Bauenleipzig 2011 exhibition in the Central Germany on Construction, sanation and modernization
Dates of the event: 12.10.2011 - 14.10.2011        
Venue: Germany, Leipzig
Exhibition subjects: Construction

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