Country description

One can bathe or sunbathe all year round since the air and water temperatures seldom fall below 20C. Average minimum and maximum temperature in the winter and in the summer: August - min 21 C and max 36 C, February - min 6 C and max 16 C. Light rainy season is limited to the period from November till March.
Cyprus has euros, 1 euro is equal to 100 eurocents.
Cypriotes of the Greek origin, Cypriotes of the Turkish origin, inhabitants of the Roman origin
State language
Official language is Greek. English is widely used, French and German are not so popular. Many hotels have Russian-speaking personnel.
The bus is the cheapest and most popular transport in Cyprus. Bus lines link all corners of the country. At that tourists have to be aware that the long-distance trips are made rarely – usually, no more than twice a day. On Sunday long-distance buses don't circulate at all. The trip by bus will cost you about 1 EURO.
The taxi quickly delivers you to any point of the island. If you decided to make a trip by taxi, there is no need to catch it in the street – it is easier to ask the manager of hotel to call a car for you by phone. Out of the hotel you can drop in to any cafe, restaurant or little shops – there they will with pleasure call a taxi. The counter is switched on at the moment you get into the car.

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