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Air tickets online

(Basic Rule!) Buying and booking tickets online, always comes cheaper than buying directly from a travel agent or over the phone.

The earlier you plan your trip, the better!

As any other purchase, that of an airline ticket also requires a market research. The earlier you start searching, the wider the array of options you will have. For instance, the prices of the flights on the same destination fluctuate, based upon the dates. If you pick a flight a day earlier or a day later, that could save up to 60 % of your ticket price.

A similar option is opting for secondary airports, close to your intended destination or choosing a stopover flight instead of a direct one. In both cases you have to calculate the additional expenses that might result from the change, to make sure that the offer is worth it.

Book early

(Basic Rule!) It doesn’t matter whether you have chosen a low-cost company or a regular one – the earlier you book your flight, the lower its price will be. Airline ticket prices usually rise 21 days, 14 days, 7 days and 3 days before departure date. Try booking before these deadlines and you will probably get a great price for your ticket.

Do not rush

Don't rush into booking the first cheap airfare you find. There's always a chance to come across a better one. So once you find a suitable flight, make sure that the same offer is not available at a lower price.

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