Country description

Climate is subtropical, with the big contrasts in temperatures and humidity depending on the height and remoteness from the sea. Variety of the relief creates variety of climate and nature.

Turkish lyre. In circulation they have banknotes (pounds) of 1 000 000, 500 000, 250 000 lyres and coins of 5000, 10 000, 25 000, 50 000, 100 000, and 250 000 lyres. Banknotes of 5 and 10 million lyres were launched for circulation.

Population in Turkey makes about 64 million people, the average population density is about 82 persons per sq. km. The highest density is in Istanbul and the coastal regions. The annual increase in population makes about 1.57 %. 
60 % of the population live in cities. Ethnic groups: Turks - 81 %, Kurds — 16 %, Greeks, Arabs, Armenians, Jews.
State language
Turkish (state), Kurdish, Arabian. In the cities and the tourist centers they also speak: English, German, French.
Bus is the most popular vehicle in Turkey. Average cost of the ticket in the city is 200 thousand Turkish lyres - 0,5 US dollar. Taxi : the average cost per 1 km is 1,5 US dollars (payment is made according to the taximeter). At night (GECE) - from 24.00 till 06.00 the double tariff is applied. Fixed-route taxis work from 6.00 till 24.00 with the fixed fare. In small cities like Belek the transports stop circulating approximately at 20.00.

One of the most popular transport vehicles in Turkey is the fixed-route taxi which is called in Turkish «dolmush». It is a minibus circulating along the certain route, with the fixed price for the trip which are not dependent on the duration of such trip. They start at six in the morning and work till midnight. Today the trip fare is equal approximately to 0,5 dollar.
Tourists aged 21 years and more and having the license for driving can rent the car.

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