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Traditional cuisine
Owing to the huge variety of products and skills of the Turkish culinary specialists, the Turkish cuisine can leave very few people indifferent.

Snack (meze) and salads (solata) are various and tasty, enough to get satisfied at the lunch. Usually the waiter brings the full tray of snacks for choice. 

The priority is given to the dishes of beef and mutton. Typical Turkish dishes are doner and kebab. Everybody also knows dolma, here they use tomatoes, vegetable marrows, eggplants, pepper and grape leaves.  They are stuffed with rice, nuts, spices and prepared with olive oil and lemon. 

Special meaning in Turkish cuisine is given to sweets. They have special exotic names. The most known among the sweets is bakhlava but it is recommended also to taste "khanymgebei". The stuffed peach, pudding, fresh fruits are served all year round. 

National drink is raky (anisette) which is diluted with water and so the drink named "lion's milk" is ready. Of wines we known: dry Villa Doludzha, demi-doux Doludzha Riesling, and also the classical Anatolius wine Dikmen.

Traditions and behavior rules in the country
For drink it is recommended to use mineral water which can be purchased in the shops and the hotel bars.
Jewelry, money and documents are recommended to store in the safe in rooms or in the safe at the reception.
It is recommended to hand over the room key on the hotel's reception. In case the key is lossed you should inform the hotel administration immediately.
Checkout time in the hotels is 12.00. If you did not check out from the room before 12.00, the full room price shall be paid for next day. On the day of check-out from hotel you will need to pay the additional services - minibar, telephone conversations, orders for meals and drinks in room, etc.
The first-aid set - before the trip collect and take the first-aid set which will help you with easy indispositions, save your time for searches of medical products and relieve from the problems of communication in the foreign language. Besides, many drugs may have different names in the different countries.
- Sedatives
- Cardiovascular means
- drugs from indigestion, cholagogue
- Preparations against travel sickness
- Medications from stings of insects
- Dressing (bandage, cotton swabs)
- water-proof adhesive plaster
- Barrier contraceptives
- Solution for contact lenses if you carry them
- Eye drops
- Sun-protection creams and creams for care of the skin after sunbathing

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