Casa Verde

Agro guesthouse Casa Verde is located in the village of  Trebujeni (Orhei), 50 km from Chisinau . Located in the heart of rocks, is the 9th house from the beginning of the village. Historical atmosphere, the beauty of nature and hospitality hosts, creates moments of relief and spiritual revelation.Once here, many tourists are delighted by the richness of traditions and culture of this area. Villa Verde is a household that has a developed tourist potential and consists of: summer terrace (for 60 persons), decorated in rustic style, separate house accommodation (so tourists can dine on the terrace as well as in the living room) bedrooms with two places, the kitchen, "Big House", bathroom (toilet, lavabo, shower), cars, garden with flowers, fruit trees and vegetables which are used for preparation of meals.Guests are served with traditional dishes. Inviting aromas rises from large clay pots in which slow boil rolled cabbage or vine leaves on the fire, the steam leaving the oven hearth bread. Besides the flavor of pies they filter in lap-belt.The rolled cabbages are surely accompanied by traditional polenta, made from corn flour and a few tablespoons of thick fresh cream. In turn, it can eat polenta with cheese, eggs, butter, milk and sour cream. At place of honor there are soups acidified with wheat bran soup, homemade sour soup with noodles, flavored with a sprig of cherry, highly nutritious and healthy. Each day spent at Casa Verde, whose existence is developed in close connection with nature, proves a fascinating experience for tourists.


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