"Nufarul Alb"

 "Nufarul Alb" the best sanatorium of Moldova for treatment and recreation!
"Nufarul Alb" the unique sanatorium of Moldova with unique mineral water!
We would like to present you the source of health - Sanatorium "Nufarul Alb" (the White Lily).

The Sanatorium “Nufarul Alb” is a modern balneology health resort where, annually, thousands of patients came for treatment and rehabilitation. 
The main diseases that are successfully cured are the following: diseases of the musculoskeletal apparatus, diseases of the central and peripheral nervous systems, diseases of the cardiovascular system, gynecological and dermal diseases of the alimentary canal.
Indications for use of mineral water in musculoskeletal apparatus diseases
Primary deforming osteoarthrosis and polyosteoarthrosis in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd stage in the remission phase or after 4-6 months after exacerbation. 
(Secondary) deforming osteoarthrosis of infectious, post-traumatic and metabolic genesis in the remission period or a minimal degree of activity after 4-6 months after exacerbation.
Rheumatoid arthritis in the remission phase or in the 1st -2nd stage of activity without disturbance of the articular function, or with its disturbance with the preservation of the possibility of self-movement and self-servicing. 
Rheumatoid polyarthritis without heart or compensated diseases with 0-1 insufficiency degree in the remission phase or after 4-6 months after exacerbation. 
Osteochondrosis, spondylosis, the Behterev’s disease. 
Myositis, fibromyositis and tendovaginitis.
General contraindications for sanatorium-balneological treatment
Deforming osteoarthrosis and polyosteoarthrosis in exacerbation phase.
Rheumatoid arthritis during exacerbation stage and in case of impossibility of self-movement.  
Rheumatoid polyarthritis in exacerbation phase and (or) the presence of heart insufficiency starting with the 2nd degree.  
Osteochondrosis and the Behterev’s disease in exacerbation phase. 
The period after unconsolidated bone fractures.

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