Kvartal Soho-street

 The best place for gourmets is the Restaurant Kvartal. You get the real pleasure, traveling along the restaurant by tasting cuisines of the several countries at once. Wonderful small streets where the real paradise discovers for those who is the judge of taste. Not to lose the way, we offer you the a guide through the blocks.

The Bavarian Block - you will evaluate the really qualitative beer. Try the heady drink and you will understand that you got to the real German pothouse. Also you can eat here original dishes of German cuisine and communicate without any obstacles.
In the Italian Block - the elegant neutral Italian interior. Here the fans of wonderful Italian pizza and the true Italian paste will find their dishes. For those who in Italian cuisine appreciates simplicity and affordability this is right what they need.
In the Chinese Block the visitors will acquaint with the best sides of the Chinese cuisine and culture of the food consumption traditional in this country.
In the Mexican Block - tacos, fajitas, burritos - a wide range of Mexican cuisine in the traditional manner the dishes of which  will be offered to you to enjoy the truly Mexican style. Don't worry, it is quite spicy! Mexico will be felt in every spoon).
Come and define your Kvartal! It is a complex of restaurants which offers the visitors absolutely different cuisines but they all are worthy of your attention. And to be more exact, you are offered to make travel through the many countries, without leaving the restaurant complex Soho-street.

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