The water meadow house

«Casa din Lunca» is the first rural boarding house, established in May, 2002 in the farm of the family Benzin, in the Trebujeni village, Orhei district, at the distance of 47 km from Chisinau city and 18 km from Orhei city. This village is situated on the banks of the river Raut, surrounded by a fabulous natural park. The area where it is located is of greatest historical value for the republic, being in immediate proximity to the reserve «Trebujeni», which includes the alfresco museum complex «Orheiul Vechi».

Here you can taste the real Moldavian rural cuisine: hominy, pies, homemade wine. When you come home from fishing, and take with your hands a piece of hominy, dip it into the grated cheese, homemade sour cream, or fried pieces of meat, eat it and wash it down with a glass of wine, just brought from the tun from the cellar – it seems there is nothing tastier. Such type of holiday is suitable for the very busy people, since it is intended for one day: arrival in the morning and departure in the evening.
You will be given the possibility to become acquainted with the peculiarities of our people, starting from the art of cookery and ending with the songs, dances, ancient national traditions. Here you can get to know with the skills of the local craftsmen. During horse-riding, you will be able to contemplate the breathtaking landscapes.

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