Boutique & Design Hotel ImperialArt


A sophisticated design hotel filled with contemporary art is, perhaps, the last thing you'd expect to find in the historic center of Trentino's most loved spa town, and yet Merano's Boutique & Design Hotel ImperialArt is just such a place.
Cafè Westminster
Boutique & Design Hotel ImperialArt is the latest chapter of a story which commenced back in 1923, when the edifice was known as Cafè Westminster. For years, the cafè, famous for its splendid 1899 Liberty style façade, was the favorite meeting place of artists, intellectuals and travelers, visiting Merano.
Today's hotel was created in 2010, when the local hotelier, Alfred Strohmer, decided to realize twelve apartments above the city's legendary coffee house and thus create a tangible link between historic and modern day Merano.
The art of luxury
Each of ImperialArt's eleven, ultra contemporary suites has been individually designed by one of the three local artists employed by Strohmer to create the hotel's unique, modern living spaces. Those looking for the ultimate in luxury should try to book the hotel's fabulous penthouses, complete with panoramic terrace with Jacuzzi.

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