National Museum of the Nature and Ethnography

 The work hours: Tuesday - Sunday in winter: 10:00 - 17:00 in summer: 10:00 - 18:00 without breaks. The Day off is Monday

 It is the very first museum in Moldova, it was founded in 1889 by the baron Steward, and during the XX century it became creative laboratory for many persons, well-known in the scientific world: F. Ostermann, S. Miller, F.Poruchik, I.Sukhov, B.Tarabukhin, M.Pokoare, etc.
The museum is located in the center of Chisinau in the architectural historical complex constructed in 1889. The building is executed in pseudo-Mauritian style.
It is the oldest museum of Republic Moldova with the richest and valuable collections. Its funds collected more than 135 thousand exhibits of national, European and world value, many of which were exposed in the various countries of Europe, America, Asia and Africa.
The museum property consists of collections on the natural history, natural study, ethnography, archeology, history, ancient books, etc.
Geological and paleontological collections reflect the geological history of the earth and evolution of the organic world. They contain relicts of flora and fauna which replaced each other during the different geological periods.
Pride of the museum is the full skeleton of superhuge dinaterium (Deinoterium gigantissimus), aging 7 million years.
The modern nature is presented by botanical and zoological collections. Herbarium and stuffed animals of the end 19 - beginning of 20 centuries which have already disappeared from environment of the Republic Moldova  - are of special interest. The botanical garden organized in 1906 at the museum, adds the botanical collections.
Development of the cultural-historical civilization is reflected by the collections on archeology, numismatics reflect, stories, ethnography and art. The museum funds has the known treasures from villages Carbuna, Chetroshika, Lerguta, valuable collections of national clothes, ceramics, subjects of weaving, national architecture, furniture, musical instruments, etc. Here the most valuable collection of the Moldavian carpets of the end of 18-20 centuries is stored.
Permanent exposition of the museum "Nature. Human. Culture" acquaints with development of interrelation of the person with the nature, reflecting its important role in the Universe.
In addition the museum gives to the visitors the possibility to familiarize in the hall of temporary expositions with the mobile exhibitions both own exhibits, and exhibits of the other museums
And if anybody would like to know more, he will find the history of our land, starting with the days when it was a bottom of ocean and until nowadays, in eighteen halls of the Museum of Ethnography and Natural History of Moldova. It is the oldest one among Moldovan museums, and was founded in 1889 by baron Steward. Within XX century it served as a creative laboratory for many outstanding scientists, among which there at worldwide known taxidermists Frants and Albina Osterman. The building itself was erected in 1905 and designed in oriental style, what makes him the only one in Moldova in this style. The funds of museum are huge – about one hundred twenty thousand exhibits are kept in its depositaries. The museum is rich with its geological, paleontological, zoological, ethnological, archeological and numismatic collections. Here you will see the skeleton and huge tusks of the mammoth; the scull of a giraffe, which was grazing on the fields where the town Cimislia is located now; the scull of a tiger; the skeleton of a cave bear, famous archeological treasures, Bassarabian rugs as of XIX century and many other miracles.

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