Monastic complex "Capriana"

Distance from Chisinau: 75 km
Trip to the excursion place: 1,5 2 hours
Duration: 6 hours

In the center of the ancient Moldavian village Capriana there is nestling the Monastery of the Holy Dormition which is one of the most ancient historical orthodox monuments in Moldova.
We can find the first written mentions of Capriana in the deed of gift of  1420 by the ruler - governor of the Moldavian princedom Alexander Dobry. The monastery was patronized by the local rulers with Stefan The Great among them (1457 - 1504) 
Here the well-known Moldavian chronicler Evftimy lived , he was one of the first Moldavian poets, monk Kiprian, throughout the long period the monastery was the place of the residence for the Metropolitan of Moldova.
The orthodox believers were coming to the Monastery of the Holy Dormition willing to get spiritual support and manuals as in the epoch of the Middle Ages monasteries were the culture and education centers.
The monastery has been completely reconstructed during the second government of Stefan The Great's son, Peter Rare, in the middle of XVI century. Then the summer Assumption church was erected and later it became the center of the monastic complex. The church has been reconstructed after the earthquake of 1820 when on the foundament of the old building they tried to keep everything that could rescue and erected a new temple, however the main features of the medieval temple have been kept.
The winter Georgievsky church was constructed in XIX-th century. The monastic cells and household constructions adjoin to it making a ring around the Assumption temple. At monastery walls they buried the remains of Metropolitan Gabriel (Banulescu-Bodoni), who made a lot for the Capriana monastery and the country as a whole . The monastery has one of the most rare and rich libraries in Moldova, the rare copies of the books were carefully stored here for many years.
The monastery is approximately 60 kilometers to the northwest from Chisinau, in Codru, in the picturesque reserve Capriana – Scoreni. The main sight is the 600-years-old "oak of Stefan The Great", according to the legend it was planted by the ruler. The Capriana monastery some days famous in the whole Moldavian princedom was destroyed and was empty during the Soviet times, however it was opened in 1989, and since then is one of the most often visited in Moldova.
On the initiative of the president of the Republic of Moldova Vladimir Voronin the restoration works began. Having underlined the importance of the complex which is an invaluable monument of the culture and history, support of the orthodox traditions of the Moldavian people, the head of the state expressed in support for taking the necessary measures to include the monastery in the list of the cultural values of UNESCO. In 2008 the Russian Fund of regional social programs of Vahid Alakbarov "Our future" took part in restoration of the sacred monastery rendering the financial help for manufacturing of the church utensils for it.
the Monastery of the Holy Dormition is one of the invaluable pearls of the medieval architecture, it is the spiritual center uniting all orthodox believers. Revival of this ancient orthodox monastery will allow to restore the relics destroyed in the past and to keep the unity of the Moldavian Orthodox Church.
Sights in vicinities:
 - archaeological parking with traces of the Iron Age and perfectly remained ancient Getae-Dacian fortress are located near the village 
- Pushkin's museum in Dolna
- Hancu monastery 
Recommendations for the tourist:
• convenient footwear and clothes
• for women: clothes covering knees and head scarf
• the camera
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