Monastic complex "Saharna"

Distance from Chisinau: 110 km
Time in a way to an excursion place: 1,5-2 hours
Duration of excursion: 10 hours

Saharna is a small village located on the bank of Dniester and ageing about half of the millenium (the first mention of it is dated 24 January 1495). Since then it has expanded to several hills, having turned into New Saharna. On the right bank of Dniester in the village Saharna the monastery of "Sacred Trinity" is located.
The monastic complex of Saharna is famous for one of the largest pilgrim centers in Moldova, a place where the early Christianity arose.
The monastery is located some 110 km to the north from Chisinau, near the village Saharna. It is located in a very narrow and deep beam, on the bank of the mountain stream running into Dniester, and it is deemed to be one of the best samples of building in the conditions of the most complicated relief. The monastic complex includes two churches – winter church of Assumption and summer church of Holy Trinity, the house of the prior, refectory with kitchen and bakery, and wings with cells. All specified is nicely located on three terraces, towering one over another.
The monastery was founded in 1777 by monk Varfolomey Krivoruchka on the place of the old monastery which appeared in XVI - XVII centuries There is a legend according to which the monastery is constructed on the place where one of monks saw the glowing face of the Virgin on the rock. Having reached the glowing rock, the monk noticed a track of the bare foot, he took it as a sign on sanctity of the place, and later near the rock the monastery was erected. After some time it was surrounded with the constructions, mostly of wood, and only in XIX century, after transformation of the monastery they have been replaced with the stone ones.
The trace of the Virgin  on the rock remained, and it is one of the main sights in Saharna. Moreover, in the monastery they keep the unique relic  in Moldova -  St. Makariy's hallows.
During the Soviet times the monastery and woods surrounding it were the reserved zone, but in 1991 they were returned to the church authorities and are ready to accept pilgrims.
Small river Saharna on the bank of which the monastery stands, and numerous streams running into it form 22 cascades, thanks to which Saharna is the original tourist Mecca of Moldova.
Recommendations for the tourist
• convenient footwear and clothes
• headdress against the sun
• women the clothes covering shoulders and a skirt below knees are obligatory
• the camera
• the interested persons to bathe in the salutary source should have new or clean clothes                                                                  
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