Monastic complex "RUDI"

Distance from Chisinau: 220 km
Trip to the excursion place: 3 hours
Duration of excursion: 10 hours

Visiting: the Monastic complex "RUDI"

Rudi is located in the middle of the reserved landscape - Arionesti nestling between the forest and a small rivulet with transparent water – Bulboaca (inflow of Dnestr), the monastery of Rudi distinguishes itself with the special charm. Simplicity, kindness and true belief here are always felt. In kilometer gorges you will see the unforgettable landscapes and the numerous streams making its way through the rocks to the big water. The monastic complex "RUDI" is located on the terrace of the gorge named "Aeolian harp". Inscriptions remained in the Troitsk church say that it has been founded in 1777 on the earths of the local landowners - brothers Rudi for the money of the Podolsk merchant Donciula. In spite of the fact that the construction is aged the end of XVIII century, its walls do not have traces of the Gothic style. The monastery is built in the absolutely plain, without excesses, style typical for the Moldavian religious constructions of XV century.
Local residents connect construction of the church of «Sacred Trinity» and the monastery Rudi with the source located nearby the waters of which they say work wonders. People were coming here from everywhere for body treatment and in this place it was decided to build the temple for spirit purification.
In 1828 the monks living here moved to the monastery Calaraseuca, and instead of them the conventuals came from the Saratura monastery district Hotin (according to the documents remained till today) they received «a lot of arable land, extensive pastures, garden, vineyard stretching from the monastery to Dnestr, and the forest».
The manor belonged to brothers Andronache and Teodor Rudi about whom the documents say, «that they were happy founders of the sacred monastery». According to the legend, after the death their bodies were immured into the walls on the left side from the entrance to the church.
However, many years later after the conventuals came to the monastery, approximately in 1835, the manor of the brothers has been conquered by  Michael Bobus attracted by the monastic earths. Here the relatives and friends of Bobus came to live - they all had no fear for Divine. The conventuals had to move to the other monasteries one by one, and in 1846 the monastery was officially closed. They say, the locals damned the new owner of the manor, and his daughter died soon and then all his relatives got ill too.
In the Soviet time the monastery territory was house to the children's boarding school, in 1992 the complex has been again transferred to the church, and now the female monastery is open here.
Sights in vicinities:
Approximately one kilometer from the monastery there are some more constructions which are of the interest for the tourists. In particular, these are two ancient earthen fortresses: so-called «Turkish plate», representing the eminence surrounded with the ditch with the diameter of 70 meters, and "Germanary". According to the archeologists, in V - IX centuries a slavic site of ancient settlement was here. Besides, near the village Rudi there is the cave which can be also of interest for the visitors. 
Recommendations for the tourist
• convenient footwear and clothes
• headdress against the sun
• the camera
• for women the clothes covering shoulders and a skirt below knees are obligatory
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