Causani Church of the Assumption

Distance from Chisinau: 80 km
Trip to the excursion place: 1,5-2 hours
Duration of excursion: 5 hours

Visiting: Causani Church of the Assumption

The Assumption church is located in Causani area some 80 km from Chisinau., the church represents a unique monument of the cult architecture in Moldova. The church has been constructed in XV-XVII centuries. It is unique with the the murals, made with the natural ochre, and medieval frescos. They are unique in the Eastern Europe.

It is difficult to establish the exact date of contruction of this unique church in Bessarabia with wall frescos: whether it is 1455 when Causani has been based, whether the period of government by ruler Vasil Lupu (1634 – 1653), whether even later. In 1763 – 1767 the church has been reconstructed for last time and in such form it remained up to now. The church interior is ornated with the wall frescos executed in style referred to the late period of Hureza school (Tara Romaneasca). In the icons of Church of the Assumption we can see the influence of the Byzantian art.
 Among strictly religious scenes here are painted the rulers patronizing the church– Nikolay and Konstantin Mavrokordat, Grigore Alexander Gike, Grigore Kalimaki, Metropolitan Proilavii Daniel etc.
That fact is interesting that the church in Causani is in the earth till its middle line, and the legend of the times of Tatar administration in this zone explains it. The legend says that Tatars agreed to build the orthodox church provided that it should not be higher than the soldier sitting on the horse.
Causani was in the past the residence of Crimean Bey in Budzhak, it became famous thanks to the church of the Rest of the Mother located here, the complex of the medieval wall painting representing the great historical and the cultural value  – church frescos VI-VIII of centuries remained here till now. The city of Causani is linked with this place with 5 main roads, among which road on Tatarbunar and White Church who till now keep memoirs ofthe previous nice historical times.
Recommendations for the tourist
• convenient footwear and clothes
• headdress against the sun
• the camera
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