National Philharmonic of Sergey Lunkevich

 Moldovan state Philharmonic appeared in Chisinau almost 70 years ago to promote the musical creativity and performance skills. It controls the work of the groups of symphonic, choral, pop music and dance ensemble. In addition, on everyone's lips such famous art groups like Symphony Orchestra of Moldova, Academic Choir "Doina", orchestra of folk music "Fluerash", the Academic Folk Dance Ensemble "JOC", folk music ensemble "Lautarii" and others. 

"The mood during  the spring ball will be created by such composers as Tchaikovsky, Bizet, Strauss - presenter of  the show, musicologist Irina Martynyuk, said. - 
Among the other things Philharmonic organizes tours for soloists and groups around the country and abroad. In olden times the number of concerts reached 4 thousand a year. Also Philharmonic  contributes to the organization of tours of the foreign art troupes in our country and conducts educational, musical and educational activities among the school children by providing them with themed concerts, meetings and evenings of art. 
Invitation to the ball is addressed to any comers, as entry by tradition is free. 

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