Republican Theatre "Luceafarul"

 In 1960, as a result of the political thaw, the theater Luceafarul" was given birth in Chisinau. Graduates of the Moscow School of. B.V. Shchukin (I. Ungureanu, C. I. Shkurya, I. Todorov, D. Karachobanu, B. Izbeshchuk, E. Todorashku, B. Konstantin, E. Malkoch, D. Fusu, N. Voda, V. Zaychuk, N. Doni, G. Roterash, G. Russu, A. Pogolsha, V. Grigorieva, P. Yatskovskiy, I. Gore) created a theater based on the aesthetic principles of the Vakhtangov theatricality and national traditions. . . 

Distinctive features of directing by I. Ungureanu, C. I. Shkurya, I. Todorov are: the tendency to the vivid form  of the performances, attention to the actor's improvisation and continuous stage action, search for the new opportunities to communicate with the audience, creation of the synthetic theater, which shows the diversity of the acting talent. These traits are most fully revealed in the performances: "Tricks of Scapen," "Wedding Suit," Kiritsa in the province "," Twelfth Night "," Intrigue and Love, "Minodora", "Radu - Stefan the First and Last", etc.

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