State Russian Drama Theatre. A. P. Chekhov

 Sometimes one feels ashamed to admit that he was not in some places, has not seen what everyone saw, is not familiar with the facts known by everyone. This is about  the  Chekhov theater. Yes, yes, they call it simply - Chekhov Theatre. Because this is perhaps the most native Russian theater in Chisinau.  One may think that  it stages only classics but instead the theater grows and develops:  take the contemporary performances alone! The topic of the day, brightly, naturally, unusually!! And the hall is always full, and applaudes never cease, and one wants to see the same performance again and again: does not matter that it is not the first time, and does not matter that you know each cue . . . It's a long story. Of one nation. One country. One world. One theater. 

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