Studio of theatrical improvisation

Our theater is developing opportunities pertinent always and for everyone. This is a possibility of open contact with the reality. From our point of view, the basis of the reality is the endless love. We chose this infinity. They say that a lot depends on the choice. As a rule, in open communication with the reality the play is very unusual. This is natural as the life is an unusual thing, and it patiently teaches us the language of its secrets. For example, our project "Big improvisation" is the maximum contact with the unknown: the actors find the text and the story of the play during the play. Often the audience plays with us. In addition, we identify the modern forms of the carnival, which exists in Chisinau too quietly. Carnival is not just a colorful show in the street. It is an ancient theatrical ritual return of man to the communion with himself, with the world and other people. The disappearance of the illusory borders, including the death. Such an understanding of the carnival was raised in the twentieth century by the great philosopher Mikhail Bakhtin. Actually, the carnival was never going to die in real, it only pretended to be dead, to properly enjoy its own funeral. 

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