Organ Hall

 On the odd side of the boulevard Stefan cel Mare, at the cross with the street Vlaicu Parcalab there is one of the most beautiful, undamaged by war buildings in Chisinau, it was built at the beginning of the XX century by the engineer M. Cerecul-Kush for the City Bank. 

Construction is made in the monumental forms in the classical style with some elements of Romanticism; decorated with 4 Corinthian porticos from the main and side facades. It distinguishes itself with the forms integrity, strict proportions, the carefully traced sculptural details. Expressiveness of the image of the building is promoted by the shape of the domes and sculptural groups. The main entry to the Organ Hall was earlier crowned with the statue of the god of trade - Mercury. 
In 1975-1978 the building was reconstructed. Remodeling of the interior did not influenced the exterior. 
In 1978 this building opened Organ Hall, where the Czechoslovak firm Rieger Kloss assembled the organ with 40 registers and 3000 pipes of beautiful sound. Auditorium with 500 seats is decorated with 10 columns. In its niches, and two spacious foyers there are symmetrically placed sculptural portraits of famous composers. The interior decoration amazes with its magnificence, the hall is illuminated with unique crystal chandeliers. 

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