Basvinex SA

Distance from Chisinau: village Branesti, area Orhej, 50 км.от Chisinau

Time in a way to an excursion place: 1 hour
Duration of excursion: 1,5 2 hours
Enterprise was created in 1996 in village Branesti, on the basis of the underground Branesti labyrinths- wine warehouses, with the length of 125 km (second-large after the Cricova cells). It is one of the largest wine warehouses in Moldova located in village Branesti, it belongs to the company "Basvinex". Branesti cellars are laid underground on the depth of 60 m, cover the space of 75 hectares and have the total extent of 58 km. Many people heard about the wine cellars of France and Yugoslavia, however, the warehouse like the one of joint-stock company "Basvinex" is not an often phenomenon even in France. Owing to the natural material -  shell rock which is hygroscopic, the warehouse "Basvinex" has the unique climate. In the underground grottoes about 10 thousand tons of the wine material are stored at the constant temperature 16°С. The workshop for bottling of the finished goods is equipped with the modern Italian equipment. Favorable conditions for maturing, high level of industrial sanitary and observance of the technological instructions allow to develop the high-quality wines which are in great demand among the consumers. 
In 2001 S.A. "BASVINEX" entered into the five of the largest exporters of the wine products of Moldova. 
Production S.A. "BASVINEX"  is delivered to the CIS countries, Vietnam, Czech Republic, Japan and the USA
Branesti cellars are located underground at the depth of 60 m, occupy the area of 75 hectares and have the general extent of 58 km. The wine cell in Branesti  has 2 tasting rooms with the impressing architecture, one of them is directly underground. For decoration of the halls they used tree and metal which allowed to display the images connected with cultivation of the grapevine and manufacture of wines. Impressions of visiting this magic place will be even brighter, if you taste the best wines and try the traditional dishes – Branesti  zama, Branesti  placintes, goulash of rabbit and other dishes prepared by skillful cooks.
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Recommendations for the tourist: 
Light outwear (temperature 12-14?С and humidity of 85-95 %)
Convenient footwear and clothes
The camera

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