Distance from Chisinau: 105 km

Trip to the excursion place: 1,30-1,50

Excursion time: 1,5-2 hours



Taste of good wine is known to the inhabitants of this land from the antiquity times. Once upon a time the colony of Ancient Rome was formed here. Romans made great impact on perfection of the local winemaking and traditions of wine consumption. With centuries the traditions did not die away, they became even stronger. Our country became the native land of magnificent wines.

Modern wine making manufacture of the Purcari wines includes the workshop on grapes processing and fermentation, refrigerating workshop, workshop on processing and storage of the wine materials, bottling workshop, modern laboratory, and also the perfectly equipped office premises.

The enterprise is equipped with the newest equipment by Italian companies "Gai", «Cosme», «Arol», «Padovan».
There were built the new cellars maturing and improving Purcari wines in 5000 French oak barrels with capacity of 225 liters each and in 14 oak butts with capacity of 20000 liters each. So red wines are matured for noless than one year, and white – for no less than half a year. All wines in Vinaria Purcari are made only under the Trade mark «Purcari».
Purcari southeast warm slopes favor to cultivation of the following high-quality varieties of grapes.
White – Chardonnay and Sovignon Blan.
Red – Cabernet Sovignon, Merlo, Pinot Nuar, Malbec, Saperavi and Rara Neagra.
Vinaria Purcari owns 200 hectares of vineyards. If earlier, during the Soviet times the landing of grapes had sometimes the unsystematic nature now please the eye with the well-groomed plantations pedantically broken into cages and grape rows contained in the ideal order. Grapes in them are landed strictly according to the varieties and clones. The clone improving the variety in the natural way gives uniqueness to the grapes characteristics, influencing its aroma, sugar content etc. The whole process of the crop maturing is supervised by the experts of the company. Harvesting processes, its transportation and processing are conducted under the constant supervision of high quality experts - the wine-growers and the wine makers, managing to create the uniform first-class team and aiming at the continuous improvement of quality for the made production.
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Recommendations to the tourist: 
Light outwear (temperature 12-14С and humidity of 85-95 %)
Convenient footwear and clothes
The camera

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