Мilestii Мici

Distance from Chisinau: 15 km

Trip to the excursion place: 30-40 min
Duration of excursion: 1,5-2 hours
The history of creation and formation of the State Enterprise - Industrial complex of Qualitative Wines «Мilestii Мici» harmonically combines three main components involved in manufacture of the elite wine products: excellent wine materials for manufacture of the vintage wines, fine oak barrels for their maturity and optimum conditions to impart to the wines the noble qualities.
The village Milestii Mici is one of the most ancient villages in Moldova the proof of it is the records in the ancient annalistic books. Researchers of archeology of the village Milestii Mici find here remains of the settlements of various epochs and cultures starting from X-XI millennia B.C. The father superior of the church «Saint Nikolay», located in Мilestii Мici and based in 1870 – archpriest Emmanuil Brihunet, found mentions on the village in the old manuscripts, dated of 30 March 1528. 
SE ICQW «Мilestii Мici» as the object for storage and maturity of the quality wines was based in 1969, and then represented one workshop for maturing of the wines. Small volumes of wines (not exceeding 100 thousand gall.), made in the factories of primary grapes processing were matured in oak barrels and the enameled tanks, in cool and silent wine cellars. The received vintage wines met approval from the experts and deserved success among the consumers. 
During the years the enterprise changed the name and the status. Now it is the state enterprise specializing in manufacture, storage and sale of alcoholic drinks. Their properties amaze judges with the wise perfection that favourably reflects in the image of Moldavian wines as a whole. The industrial potential of the enterprise is improved. Annually experts of SE ICQW «Мilestii Мici» select the best wines of Moldova and work with them raising their qualities and properties.
SE ICQW «Мilestii Мici» has the biggest collection of natural wines in the world. Here they store the wines created by the well-known Moldavian wine makers during 50 years. Their quantity exceeds 2 million bottles. 
Visitors of "the Gold collection» experience the deep gratitude to several generations of the wine makers who managed to bring the unique aroma of the time from the previous centuries.
True experts in collection wines treat the wines «Мilestii Мici» with reverential trembling - the "Gold collection" has the wine rarities which cannot be found in the collection of vintage wines of the other wine making enterprises. They include fine white «Milestcoie» of 1986 year and «Dnestrovskoie» of 1984 and 1986, strong red «Cabernet», «Codru» and «Negru de Purcari» of 1986 year and amazing sweet wines «Trandafirul Moldovei», «Gratiesti», «Auriu» of similar year of maturity. 
After acquaintance with the underground beauty and «the Gold Collection» visitors are taken to the magnificent tasting rooms. In the summer they please visitors with shining cool, in the winter - with warm of fire in the huge fireplace and at all times - with the original decoration. Water, stone, tree are three elements defining the style of the architectural ensemble known all over the world. They perfectly add each other and are surprisingly in harmony with the wines offered for tasting as the design is made in warm golden colors.
Cascades of the cleanest blue and transparent water flowing from the fountain over the pediment at the entrance,are associated with the  ancient Sarmatian sea which was covering Moldova for millions years B.C.. You can drive along the labyrinths of the «Мilestii Мici» cellars. 
But it is much more interesting to take the pedestrian walk along the streets of wines - Cabernet, Aligote, Feteasca, attentively looking at the monolithic walls of shell rock, huge oak butts exhaling marvelous aroma of wines, ancient fixtures and natural springs in stone.
But don't be zealous: the general extent of the galleries is more than 200 kilometers (55 kilometers are mastered). Depth of the mines varies from 30 to 85 meters. Huge butts made of the Crimean and Krasnodar oak with the great sizes (from 600 to 2000 dal) inspire the involuntary respect as they can mature more than 6,5 million dal of  wines at once. The showrooms reminding the glass with sparkling wine, the gas bubbles of which amicably and cheerfully run up, instantly create the pleasant associative chains with  the excellent sparkling wines.
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Recommendations to the tourist: 
Light outwear (temperature 12-14С and humidity of 85-95 %)
Convenient footwear and clothes
The camera

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