Distance from Chisinau: 10 km
Trip to the excursion place: 20 min.
Duration of excursion: 1,5-2 hours

Visiting: Industrial complex for Manufacturing Wines "Cricova"


The industrial complex for wines manufacturing "Cricova", famous for the unique Wine Cells and especially the remarkable wines was founded in 1952. Industrial complex "Cricova" was initially created as the enterprise for manufacturing the high-quality elite wines in accordance with the strict rules of the classical European technologies. The main secret of the Cricova wines originality is in the unique environment conditions of the underground storehouses where these noble drinks are matured. The Cricova Cellars located on the depth of 60-80 m and stretching for more than 60 km are the largest in the world natural wine warehouse with the unique natural microclimate based on the all-year-round stability of the temperature (about  +12 ° - + 14°С) and relative humidity of the air (about 97-98 %). These favorable conditions influence the formation of that exclusive and unique taste the Cricova wines collection wines and classical champagne distinguished with.

«Cricova» is one of those few enterprises in the world making sparkling wines in accordance with the classical French method invented by the well-known monk Dom Perignon- „Methode Champenoise”, with the secondary fermentation in the bottle and the subsequent ripening cuvee in the horizontal position for no less than 3 years.

Cricova Cellars house also an outstanding collection of wines – National Vinoteca. Unique exhibits like «Easter Jerusalem», liquor «Ian Beher» (crop of 1902) and 158 marks from Burgundy, Moselle, Tokay, Rhine..., form the invaluable property not only of the Industrial complex, but also of the whole Moldova. Now the collection includes about 1,7 million bottles. However, the pride of Vinoteca is mainly the wines marked "Cricova" which caused creation of another collection consisting of numerous diplomas and more than 80 Grand prix, gold and silver medals from various international tasting competitions.

«Cricova» is the grandiose underground complex with the huge industrial potential. For this reason, and also for the significant contribution to the development of the national economy and wine-making branch of Moldova the Industrial complex "Cricova" has been officially declared to be the "object of the national and cultural property of Moldova» and is awarded the highest state award – «Republic Order».


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  • Transport services: Minivan, Minibus, Bus
  • Recommendations to the tourist:
    • Light outerwear (temperature is about 12-14 С and humidity - 85-95 %)
    • Convenient footwear and clothes
    • Camera

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